Meal Plan Reform

We will fight for transparent meal plan pricing and robust dining options to meet diverse dietary needs.

Web Accessibility

We will fight to bridge the digital divide for students with disabilities.

Freedom Of Expression

We will fight to build a more tolerant, inclusive campus through free expression.

Access to Care

Healthcare is a human right and we will fight to reflect that on campus.


We will help underwrite Safety Escort’s ridesharing services and explore partnerships with other companies to provide discounted services.

Data Privacy

We will fight to defend data privacy and security protections for students.

Reflection Space + Interfaith Prayer

We will fight to provide designated spaces for reflection and interfaith prayer.

No-Cost Internship Credits

Students should not have to pay for internship credits.

Veteran Priority Registration

Student veterans deserve priority when registering for courses.

Publicly-financed Elections

All students deserve access to student government office regardless of financial status.

Microgrant Initiative

We will directly support student projects that improve campus life.

Leveraging Technology

We will develop a multimedia platform for students to share experiences and feedback.

Financial Transparency Dashboard

We will develop an interactive platform to show students where their money is going.

Raise Hell, Not Tuition

We will fight for an across the board tuition freeze for the next academic year.

End The Fees

We will fight to end unnecessary fees that hinder student success.

Bystander Intervention Training

We will fight to give all students the resources they need to act.

Campus Lighting

We will work to identify and fix gaps in campus lighting to provide a safer environment for students.

Kelley-Wells Crosswalk

We will work to protect students and improve traffic flow on 10th street.

Divesting From Fossil Fuels

We will continue to lobby the IU Foundation to divest from fossil fuels.

Arts Unabridged

We will work to showcase the talents of students in forums across campus.

Emergency Loans

We will establish a fund for emergency financial assistance to students in need.

Cap + Gown Rental

We will work to develop a cost-saving cap and gown rental program administered by the university.

Counseling & Psychological Services

We will work to expand mental health funding and resources for all students.

Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

We will establish and support a leadership council for collaboration and information sharing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Fight for $15

We will fight for a campus minimum wage of $15 an hour.

Worker Health Benefits

We will fight to ensure university workers have access to health benefits.

Leadership Council

We will create and lead a new forum to communicate and collaborate with other student leaders.

Campus Housing

Many dorms across campus experience chronic problems that are detrimental to student health and experience.

Graduate Students

Our campaign wants to fight for all students, this includes Graduate and Professional students.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plan

Our COVID-19 Response Priorities